My ministry is about healing. I am interested in healing our souls of so much garbage that we have taken in from so many difficult lifetimes. All you can be in this life is the greatest version of yourself that you can put forth.

I am an Interfaith minister, because I believe that there is too much fighting in the world about who is right. I don’t care who is best. I care about living mindfully. I must care for my fellow humans and relate to them where they are.
I must be totally responsible for my actions. I must remain conscious. It is not always easy.

I am human, incredibly human. I can get angry over the smallest thing, and yet I must be responsible for this. I must figure out what the root of my anger is. It is rarely about the thing I just got angry about. I must constantly use the power of my intellect to analyze my feelings, so I don’t hurt others. I cannot make the same mistakes over and over. I must see my own progress.

I must face death. I must face life, which is even harder. I must stand up and put myself into the world, lest I hoard my gifts. The only true mistake is keeping your gifts to yourself. The world needs everyone’s greatest gift. This is a world at peace. This is a world in Love.

I am a minister of God’s magic. I believe in synchronicity. I believe in watching all the signs and signals, the people and place where we are led to receive images and messages. Life is a constant journey of awareness, honing in on all there is. There is so much magic. There are so many wonderful human beings who are just trying to get through life. This is a hard journey. There is so much pain, so many bumps in the road, so many detours. Yet the real beauty comes from all the heartache, the breakdowns and the flat tires. All the darkness leads to the growth, the beauty, the fulfillment. Delight comes after despair and eventually we find the True Love. The One Love, The Divine that is all of the Energy of the Universe. All That Is.
All good wishes on your journey.

If I can be of help contact me.