Like an angel in my dreams. You came to me. It was not what it seems. You aren’t a dream. Life that drags It dragged you down. Suffering that warps It clouded your mind. Lord I know that it made you weary. A clear day seemed far. I had my vision yes and I know who you are… You are a king. You made my heart sing. And that’s a feat in this old world. That brought you down into my life. Sitting in a steam ship A bitter channel to cross In the distance a sweet ocean Like the future is the past The anchor’s been pulled At all costs stay in the boat. Bad company will drown you. Good company will carry you across. I see love in your eyes Passion in your heart Anger in your mind But hey that’s a start I’m not losing you no I’m not losing you. Reach for the stars. Reach for the stars


Programming: Scott Marzullo
Keyboard & Vocals: Lynn Keller
Backing Vocals: Darryl d’Bonneau

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