(Keller & Sonleitner)

Talk to me I can love you if I understand the way you feel. Understanding is all I need never be afraid to speak your mind if that is how you feel. I can’t keep on wondering if I read your mind clearly let me step inside your world so that I can look at you let me liberate my point of view (myself from you) shake me by my bootstaps if I’m not listening to your heart and mind I can see war happening when no one here is listening. Happiness begins in the home the lamp is in the lotus what is in my heart is it the same as yours? What is your desire? Can I make it mine? Is it for the world, to serve the world, to transform the world? Help me I’m falling, help me I’m falling out of luv.


Programming: William Neubauer
Guitar: William Neubauer
Vocals: Lynn Keller
Piano: Kaye Klier

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